Years ago, God invited me to a life of more continuous prayer.  It seems to me now the more I reflected on what that invitation meant, the more I was convicted I had to abandon my tendency to fill every silence with words.  My grandfather was right, I can talk to hear my teeth rattle.

Being at least somewhat mathematical, I came up with my own little prayer formula:  “less to say and more to pray!”  It has served me well through several decades.  Through my children’s teenage years, those words helped me to listen more and lecture less.  When making business decisions, my husband and I know that eventually, more prayer equals more peace of mind.  In ministry, I am consistently reminded it is more important for others to hear God’s voice than mine.  And whenever, I hear my grandfather’s words echo within my heart, I know I am being invited to pray more!

Is there something more God is inviting you to pray about?

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