Wondering and Waiting

Maybe you noticed there was only one Blog posted last week. As thunder roared and lightning flashed and rain fell in Holland, Michigan, I was busy praying. I needed to get out back to California by Friday at noon for a Prayer Retreat that I was co-leading. Through the night, I wondered when the storm would end! Thursday, I waited for the storm to end! But reality set in when the travel agent called to tell me the flight was canceled. It didn’t matter when it ended; I wasn’t going anywhere.

I prayed for “plan b.” Thankfully, I didn’t have to wonder or wait very long before my travel agent called with a new itinerary. If I flew out Friday morning at 5:45 am with a stop in Detroit, I could be in California before noon. That could work. I just needed to step back for a moment in order to ask God how to make it work. I wondered and waited.

For months I had been asking God to give me a glimpse of my “prayer story” to share at the Retreat. We all have a unique rhythm to our prayer lives based on our unique relationship with the Author and Perfecter of our faith. For as long as I can remember, my prayer life has consisted of asking questions of God.

Why is this happening, God?
How long will I have to endure, Lord?
When will I be absent from the body, but present with you?

These are the kinds of questions that make wondering and waiting an integral part of prayer. These are the kinds of questions that make prayer a conversation. What is God inviting you to wonder about and wait for?*

*Take a few moments to “comment” on what you are wondering about and waiting for I will pray along with you.


One thought on “Wondering and Waiting

  1. Ben says:

    “When will I be absent from the body….” That’s kind of scarey to think of! Hopefully no time soon.

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