“Come to Me!”

Have you ever come to Jesus? Watch the stubbornness of your heart, you will do anything rather than the one simple childlike thing — “Come to me.” If you want the actual experience of ceasing from sin, you must come to Jesus.

Jesus makes himself the touchstone. Watch how He used the word “come.” At the most unexpected moments there is the whisper of The Lord–“Come unto Me,” and you are drawn immediately. Personal contact with Jesus alters everything….The attitude of coming is that the will resolutely lets go of everything and deliberately commits all to Him.

“…And I will give you rest,” i.e., I will stay you. Not–I will put you to bed and hold your hand and sing you to sleep; but–I will get you out of bed, out of the languor and exhaustion, it of the state of being half dead while you are alive; I will imbue you with the spirit of life, and you will be stayed by the perfection of vital activity.

~ Oswald Chambers, “My Utmost for His Highest (June 11th)”

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