Let the Wise Listen…

Research shows that you and I spend 55% of our day listening; moreover, the listener is responsible for 50% if not 51% of any given communication. The Proverbs tell us what studies on listening have shown….that listening is decoding process that takes discernment. In the following poem, based on Proverbs 1:5, I try to make sense of the decoding process.

Let the wise listen…
With discernment
Receiving all the words,
Regarded as a gift.

With discernment
Reflections on new learnings
Regarded as a gift,
Guide us to respond.

Reflections of new learnings
Receiving all the words,
Guide us to respond…
Let the wise listen.


I would love to hear from you concerning whether the above helps you understand the role of listeners more. What are your insights and understandings of how to process what is being spoken to you?

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3 thoughts on “Let the Wise Listen…

  1. Ben says:

    Where have I heard this before??

  2. sharon meyer says:

    What I love about this poem is that it confirms that a wise man or woman is one who is open to other thoughts, opinions and experiences and does not think what he or she thinks is the only way to be. That opens one up to deeper and greater understanding of one’s spirit journey. Discernment is crucial, of course. Mom

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