Easter is coming!

Easter is coming and none too soon! Lent is really quite a journey. It is longer than a month and I have felt the length of its days this year. Have you? A lot can happen during Lent. Several years ago I traveled to Spain in the middle of Lent to see my daughter. There was the joy of being with her for a week and the sorrow of saying good-bye knowing it would be months before I would see her again.

Again this year, I have traveled through lots of emotions: the joys and the sorrows of loving and letting go. Like the disciples, I journey with Jesus for a deeper understanding of who the Son of the Living God really is as He bids me over and over to remain in the land of the living even when letting go feels overwhelming. So far, this Lent has been an invitation to love Jesus more by letting go of who I say He is!

During the long days of Lent the soul waits with hope for the arrival of Easter. More than any other psalm, Psalm 130 describes this 40 day journey. Perhaps you want to read Psalm 130 in your own Bible several times, before prayerfully reading this paraphrase.

Out of the depths I cry to You!
In you Mercy, hear my voice!
May you be attentive to the
voice of supplications!

If you should number the times we
stray from You, O Beloved,
who could face You?
Yet You are ever-ready to forgive,
that we might be healed.

I wait for You, my soul waits,
for in your Love I would live;
My soul awaits the Beloved
as one awaits the birth
of a child, or
as one awaits the fulfillment
of their destiny.

O sons and daughters of the Light,
welcome the Heart of your heart!
Then you will climb the
Sacred Mountain of Truth;
You will know mercy and love
in abundance.
Then will your transgressions be
forgiven; and you will know
the Oneness of All.*

Amen and amen!

*Psalms for Praying: An Invitation to Wholeness
by Nan C. Merrill
Continuum International Publishing Group

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