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Whenever I fellowship with the saints of my church, I am blessed with laughter and new learnings. For instance, did you know that the verse at the center of the Bible is Psalm 118:8?

 It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man.

 Taking refuge in the Lord entails fleeing to the center of God’s will where protection and hope can be found. It never fails that when I center my life on Christ I feel better, more cheerful and at ease.

The Psalms, in general, are a refuge for my heart as I pray. It is impossible to read the Psalms and not be convinced that God is at the center of every human emotion and can be trusted with what concerns us. C.S. Lewis said this about the Psalms:

 There…I find an experience fully God-centered, asking of God no gift more urgently than His presence, the gift of Himself, joyous to the highest degree, and unmistakably real.


May you and I find refuge in the center of God’s will for our lives.


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