Walk joyfully on the earth and respond to that of God in every human being.
~George Fox, founder of the Quakers

Do you see God in every human being you meet? When was the last time you joyfully walked and responded to another person? Is this simple statement really that simple? I would enjoy reading and responding to your comments concerning this quote.

2 thoughts on “Joyfully

  1. sharon meyer says:

    I just returned from a trip where I met a lot of people–some I know and many were strangers. Some I found easy to respond to joyfully, others not so easy. Who said walking the path of love that Jesus did would be easy? He certainly did not find it easy, but found it worthy and rewarding. So must we keep walking that path holding before us his example. Mom

  2. jillsweet says:

    Worthy and rewarding are good words! The Psalmist tells us to delight ourselves in The Lord. When I find delight in the people God has put into my life, my soul is given the desire of its heart…to love and to be loved! Thank you!

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